We are facing a personal and collective energy crisis!

Dr Ela Manga believes that suffering from stress and burnout has reached epidemic proportions in the world. Being too busy and exhausted is becoming a shared narrative of modern living. In her book The Energy Code, Dr Ela Manga offers a wealth of simple, sophisticated and powerful ways to integrate what she calls “recovery loops” into our everyday lives. This book is packed full of compelling, real-life stories about the debilitating effects of stress and is a treasure trove of practical tips for preventing and recovering from it. The Energy Code ultimately brings awareness to the basic laws and principles of energy, by weaving together the science of Western medicine and Eastern philosophy.

“This book is a gift to all who strive for better balance and wellbeing. Ela is uniquely qualified, drawing from her medical practice and her breathwork and holistic practices to bring invaluable insights and coping strategies for the full life we all aspire to have.” – Wendy Lucas-Bull, Chairman of Barclays Africa Group Ltd
The Energy Code is specifically relevant for anyone who faces the challenge of supporting healthy and meaningful relationships while pursuing their passion and vocation.

Written by Dr Ela Manga



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