Most of us have either cheated or been cheated on at some point in our lives. The Affair, written by expert psychologist Sue Hickey and speaker, Philippa Sklaar, (authors of When Loving Him Hurts), examines the psyche of both perpetrators and victims of affairs and anyone who struggles with monogamy and fidelity. The authors profile types of cheaters, the sexual predator, narcissist, romance addict and opportunistic cheater – because any smart decision requires an understanding of the nature of the beast.

“I do not believe that an affair is necessarily enough to end a marriage and it does not signal The End. There are always options. An affair, however, is often reason enough to end a relationship that has not yet become a marriage. The nature of trust is that it takes years to build and can be broken in a moment. It is a high-risk, high-return investment. The safer option would be to trust no one again – ever. The problem with that is that the human spirit wants to trust as it yearns to love. To deny ourselves that urge, that leap of faith, that partnership of love and trust, renders our lives safer but also poorer”.
– Sue Hickey, author and therapist

Ultimately, readers are navigated through the pain and anguish of betrayal to a place of self-healing that is required by both perpetrators and victims to move forward. The overriding message is that with deep soul searching and guidance, both forgiveness and redemption are possible. The book reveals that reconciliation and a deeper love is attainable by unreservedly accepting the truth and love’s challenges.

Written by Sue HickeyPhilippa Sklaar

ISBN: 978-1-920601-73-7 | Trade Paperback | World Rights | 235x155mm | 254pp | 2016


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